Here is a selection of some of my recent paintings (some of the smaller ones can be purchased from this page).
Most of my work these days is done in oil, on either stretched canvas or canvas mounted on board. Whether I am painting in the studio or 'en plein air', I try to achieve a similar level of refinement, fidelity and sense of evocation...

Details on commissioning a painting of your own favourite scene..here

Newport Parrog and Dinas Head

The ancient port for the historic town of Trefdraeth (Newport) Pembrokeshire.
Picturesque cottages behind old quay walls,
a flotilla of small boats and a lovely morning
view along the coast to Dinas Head..

Oil on board, 25"x17"

Nevern Estuary and Newport Bay

View across the Nevern Estuary to Morfa Head and the famous Newport Sands.
The last few River Nevern boat moorings and the tide retreating over rocks and sandy channels near the Parrog.

Oil on canvas, 24"x15"

Ceibwr Bay

Impressively folded rocks form a dramatic backdrop to surf washing over a small rocky island on the western side of Ceibwr Bay.
A famously scenic stretch of the North Pembrokeshire coast, Ceibwr is a deep and secluded cove with a history of use as a small port and by smugglers.

Oil on canvas, 18"x13"
On display at the Collective Gallery,
Newport, Pembs.

The January Sea

A view of surf rolling into the Rotherslade side of Langland Bay (Gower Peninsula), with background waves breaking onto the rocky reef that the surfers call 'Crab Island', also known as Rother's Sker. These rocks are covered by twelve or fifteen feet of water at high tide, and I used to snorkel and spearfish around here when I was in my teens. My late brother Edward loved to surf Crab Island, but the waves out there are full of rocks, and no place for incompetent surfers like me...

Oil on deep edge canvas, 48" x 36"

Sunset, Penbryn and Aberporth

With a northwest aspect, this lovely stretch of the Ceredigion coast is famous for its sunsets. In this view from Penbryn looking west towards Aberporth, a glassy wave breaks under a sunburst evening sky..

Oil on canvas, 18"x12"

Traeth Penbryn

The view across the long sandy beach at Penbryn on the Ceredigion coast.
Late summer waves wash onto distinctively weathered limestone rocks. In the distance the coast near Llangrannog is visible, and on the far horizon the Lleyn Peninsula.

Oil on paper, 18"x12"

Wild Sea, Aberbach and Fishguard Bay

Powerful surf breaking in the rocky cove of Aberbach, near Dinas Head at the eastern end of Fishguard Bay.
Sunshine is catching Crincoed Point in the distance, with Fishguard Harbour visible across the bay.

Oil on canvas 28"x 20"

Cwm-yr Eglwys, from St.Brynach's

   Here's something a bit different...
The cove at Cwm-yr-Eglwys (Dinas, Pembrokeshire) framed by the arched doorway of the ruined St.Brynach's Church. A quiet evening, flat calm sea, and a picture of tranquility...

Oil on canvas, 60 x 40 cms

Newport Bay and Morfa Head

A view from the Pembrokeshire coast path, near 'The Parrog' and looking down the old lifeboat slipway, across Newport Bay to Morfa Head. The tide coming in and the low summer evening sun casting long shadows..

Oil on canvas board, 18"x12"

Evening, Pwllgwaelod

This distinctive little beach, on the western side of Dinas Head, is one of my favourite painting locations. Here, the tide retreats and wet sand reflects the rugged inlets, crags and cliffs of north Pembrokeshire.

Oil on canvas, 18"x13"

Dinas Head from rocks at The Parrog (Newport Bay)

A gloriously sunny morning in late August - I followed the tide out at 'The Parrog', waiting for the sea to expose an interesting composition of foreground rocks. A really contented looking pair of gulls was paddling around in the shallows the whole time I was there..so I put them in...

Oil on canvas, 60 x 40 cms

On the beach, Pwllgwaelod

Late afternoon on a sunny but breezy autumn day.
First of a trilogy of studies at Pwllgwaelod (Dinas Head).
Strong surf and sea foam surging up the sandy beach.

Oil on linen canvas, 33 x 24 cms

Evening light, Pwllgwaelod

A low October sun shines through lines of surf.
In the shadow of the headland the diffused sunlight can make the unbroken waves seem to glow. A painting with strong knife-painted texture - especially on the rocks.

Oil on linen canvas, 33 x 24 cms

Cove at  Pwllgwaelod

A quiet, warm and sunny day in July, in a little cove accessible from the coast path on the western headland.
There were no waves to speak of, so I concentrated on trying to capture the sea lapping over the pebbles.

Oil on linen canvas, 33 x 24 cms

Morning tide, Cwm-yr-Eglwys

The picturesque hamlet of Cwm-yr-Eglwys, seen from the beach at high tide.
The western wall is all that remains of
St.Brynach's Church, demolished in 1880 following repeated assaults by the sea.
Here, on a quiet sunny morning in September, flimsy clouds dissolve as fast as they form, and the destruction wrought by the 1859 'Great Storm' is hard to imagine...

Oil on canvas board, 18"x12"

After the storm, Cwm-yr-Eglwys

Looking across Newport Bay towards
Morfa Head, Cemaes Head in the distance.
The calming sea in the atmospheric cove of Cwm-yr-Eglwys, retreats in late morning sunshine, leaving wet sand and fronds of seaweed torn up by an autumn storm.

Oil on canvas board, 18"x12"

Cat Rock and Dinas Head

A view from the Pembrokeshire coast path on Carreg Germain, looking down over rocky Traeth Samuel on the southern side of Newport Bay. In the middle distance is Cat Rock, with the distinctive Dinas Head beyond. The cliff-tops are covered with a profusion of late spring wild flowers.

Oil on canvas board, 18"x12"

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